As a national trade association, NCTO represents the entire spectrum of the domestic textile manufacturing sector, from fiber and yarn to fabric and finishing — and everything in-between.

NCTO strives to bring a clear, strong, and aggressive voice of support for US textile manufacturers in the national policy arena. By becoming a member of NCTO, you will join a large and growing network of world class US manufacturing companies who are informed and engaged, and who help shape the debate rather than merely react to it.

Benefits of Membership

  • A Powerful, United Voice on Issues that Directly Affect your Company
  • Greater Awareness of and Involvement in Critical Policy Developments
  • Gain Political Clout and Expertise in Washington
  • Access to Industry Experts and Government Officials
  • Regular News Updates on Government and Industry Developments
  • Networking Opportunities with Industry Peers
  • Detailed Industry Analysis through Publications, Data, and Industry Conferences