NCTO – Mobilizing Support for the U.S. Textile Industry in the 21st Century

The National Council of Textile Organizations is a unique association representing the entire spectrum of the textile sector.  From fibers to finished products, from machinery manufacturers to power suppliers, NCTO is the voice of the U.S. textile industry.

NCTO’s mission is focused on creating powerful national and international alliances to advance the interests of the U.S. textile sector.  As an organization, it is unrivaled in its composition which allows each segment of the industry to have a vote in determining NCTO policy.

The centerpiece of NCTO is the five separate councils representing the fiber, yarn, fabric, finished textile and apparel, and supplier industries, each with its own board representation.

As a lobbying group, NCTO is harnessing the influence of an array of associations and business groups that have a stake in the survival and prosperity of the U.S. textile sector to leverage our impact in the halls of our nation’s capital.

NCTO is also mobilizing global resources in its efforts to preserve the U.S. textile industry.  Through new powerful international alliances, our voice is heard and has an impact from Washington, DC, to Geneva, to Beijing.

Domestically focused to ensure a prosperous future for the U.S. textile sector and globally positioned to work effectively with our international allies, NCTO is on the front lines meeting the challenges of the 21st Century.

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