Cotton Committee

Chair:  Anderson Warlick, Parkdale, Inc.

The Committee oversees all issues relating to cotton, including farm policy, fiber quality, contamination, manufacturing issues, and relations with USDA and cotton organizations.

Government Textiles Committee

Chair:  Tommy Young, Milliken & Company

The Committee oversees all issues related to government procurement, including preservation and expansion of the Berry Amendment, contracting issues, and liaison with other organizations and government contracting agencies.

Regulatory & Standards Committee

Chair:  Jim Booterbaugh, National Spinning Co., Inc.

The Committee oversees all issues related to standard setting and regulations from health and safety to customs reporting and recordkeeping.

Upholstery Fabrics Committee

Chair: David Swers, Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, LLC 

The Committee oversees all upholstered furniture flammability issues at federal and state levels, and also addresses other matters affecting the upholstery fabrics industry sector.

FluoroTechnology Working Group

Chair: Heather Covert, Glen Raven

The Working Group oversees issues related to the use of fluorine chemistry to create any fluorinated product.  The utilization of this bond gives FluoroTechnology its distinct properties of strength, durability, heat-resistance and stability.  These properties are critical to the reliable and safe function for a myriad of products that industry and consumers rely on every day.

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