Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA)

12 Emily Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
(617) 446-6738

NCTO Affiliate Member

Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA), is a non-profit Institute headquartered near the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and is one of the latest members of the National Network of Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI) Institutes. AFFOA’s mission enables a manufacturing-based revolution—the transformation of traditional fibers, yarns, and textiles into highly sophisticated integrated and networked devices and systems.

At the heart of this revolution is a simple premise: highly functional textile-systems necessitate sophisticated fiber-device components. To pursue this mission, AFFOA addresses the spectrum of manufacturing challenges associated with volume manufacturing of revolutionary fibers and textiles from design to end products. AFFOA facilitates the transition of these revolutionary fiber and textiles from the laboratory through pilot production, delivering the functionality of semiconductor devices and systems at fiber length, uniformity, and cost. AFFOA leads the convergence of semiconductor technology into fiber and textile production to commercialize textile products that see, hear, sense, communicate, store and convert energy, regulate temperature, monitor health, and change color while delivering the conventional qualities of textiles to benefit the commercial consumer and warfighter.

AFFOA provides an unprecedented capability to rapidly and flexibly produce end-item prototypes through its unique collaborative infrastructure.In support of its fabric innovation mission, AFFOA builds on the geographic distribution of the domestic fiber and textile industry, academic research centers, and consumer product companies to weave a nationwide network of Industrial Members, Fabric Innovation Network (FIN) Partners, Startup Incubators, and University Hubs. AFFOA enables agile manufacturing innovation and transfer, prototyping and pilot production facilities for rapid product and project execution, workforce education, and dedicated startup incubators driving innovation for the entire US industry.