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NCTO Press Release 12/15/09
NCTO Notes Vietnam's Use of "China Model" in Expressing Concerns Over Obama Decision to Move Ahead with Free Trade Negotiations

NCTO Press Release 11/17/09
Textile Industry Opposes New Benefits for Bangladesh and Cambodia Joint Press Release 11/17/09 Joint Press Release:  29 Preference and FTA Countries Urge Congress Not to Extend New Textile Benefits to Bangladesh and Cambodia

CNN News Story — Mount Vernon Mills From farm field to cotton mill: The making of America's denim

NCTO Press Release 10/28/09 Trade Associations Cite Increasing Damage to U.S. & Honduran Textile and Apparel

NCTO Press Release 10/27/09
NCTO & Other Groups Urge Congress to Extend Andean Trade Preferences for Two Years

NCTO Press Release 10/14/09
NCTO Urges Key Committee to Expand Export Financing for Manufacturers

10/02/09 – REVISED NCTO, Citing Leading Authorities, Ties Economic Recovery to Action against China

NCTO Press Release 09/25/09
Trade Associations Cite Damage Done to US, Honduras, CAFTA Industry and Workers Because of Honduras Crisis

NCTO Press Release 09/24/09
Obama Administration Decision Disenfranchises Textile Worker Input, Gives More Access to Big Business

NCTO Press Release 07/15/09
Industry Urges Treasury Support For CIT Group NCTO Statement on Obama Administration Decision Not to Help CIT

NCTO Statement 06/27/09
NCTO Statement on Passage of Climate Bill

NCTO Press Release 06/18/09
Textile Execs Demand Action on CAFTA Textile Enforcement

CNN/Time — Patrick Yarns Spinning A New Strategy

NCTO Press Release 03/16/09
Imports of Chinese Apparel Soar after Safeguards Removed – NCTO Urges Obama Administration to Begin Monitoring Program

NCTO Press Release 03/04/09
NCTO Opposes Vietnam Inclusion in Free Trade Talks

NCTO Press Release 02/13/09

NCTO Press Release 02/06/09
Textile Sector Loses 10,000 Jobs in December Among Worst Job Losses in History – North Carolina Hardest Hit

NCTO Press Release 01/29/09
House Passes Amendment to Require U.S. Transportation Security Administration to Buy Uniforms and Textile Products Made With 100% U.S. Content

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