American Textiles We Make Amazing

Textiles are more than fabric and fibers; they’re the common thread in life’s moments that allow us to experience it to the fullest. From a newborn baby wrapped in a blanket to the bulletproof fabrics that protect our nation’s heroes, they’re the silent but extraordinary force that allows us to live comfortably, safely and boldly.

The metamorphosis of yesterday's mills into today's centers for creative and technical solutions touches our lives in more ways than you can imagine. A major factor in high-tech innovation, American Textiles are now key components in everything from aircraft bodies and advanced body armor to heart valves, home furnishings and high fashion. American Textiles are who we are. American Textiles are amazing.

Amazingly Brave

From fire-resistant fabrics to the bulletproof body armor that keeps our troops safe, American Textiles make every act of bravery even more amazing.

Amazingly Sustainable

From water and air filters to wind turbines and absorbent fabrics used in oil spills, American Textiles protect the environment and preserve it for the next generation.

Amazingly Carefree

American Textiles enhance key moments with loved ones, giving us the everyday comfort of mattresses, baby mats and blankets, but also the items that protect us, like seat belts, life jackets, car seats and airbags.

Amazingly Life Saving

American Textiles have advanced healthcare applications, from the protective personal equipment that keeps doctors and nurses safe and operating rooms sterile, to heart stents, antimicrobial fabrics, bandages and gauze.

Amazingly Fashionable

From yarn, thread and fabric manufacturing, to products that make our homes, workplaces and personalities shine, American Textiles are now warmer and cooler, more stylish and practical, better-fitting and longer-lasting.

Amazingly Ingenious

The American Textiles industry is proud of its reinvention and innovation. It has persevered through economic downturns, changing global market conditions and offshore pressure. It fuels the economy, builds companies and supports 1.5 million jobs across the U.S.

Amazingly Sheltered

Insulation, tents, shade structures and umbrellas guard against everyday elements, while during natural disasters relief shelters made of American Textiles provide critical protection during natural disasters.

Amazingly Bold

From compression apparel to moisture-wicking fabric, American Textiles have the ability to protect and endure so we can climb higher, run farther, ski faster, and stay warm and dry inside.

Dive into American Textiles and discover amazing. Learn more about this great American industry and the members of the National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO), who serve as a powerful voice for the entire spectrum of the textile industry, and share the stories of how these companies are changing the world.

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