Why Join NCTO?In the Words of Our Members

The National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO) is the voice of the U.S. textile industry and its workers in Washington.

As a trade association that represents the full spectrum of U.S. textiles from fiber though finished sewn products, NCTO exists as a united front that communicates the industry’s needs and interests to lawmakers in Congress and officials in key executive branch agencies.

NCTO engages with lawmakers on issues that directly impact manufacturers, such as free trade agreements, tariff policies, Berry Amendment and buy American government procurement policies, regulatory matters, export financing, and trade and customs enforcement.

NCTO operates four councils to ensure that the perspective of each facet of the U.S. textile industry is heard and that policy agendas

encapsulate the full spectrum U.S. textile production – fiber, yarn, fabric and home furnishings and industry support.

Without NCTO’s advocacy, the domestic textile industry, and the 530,000 workers it supports, would be left to fight policy battles alone. Membership in NCTO provides access to a large and growing network of world-class U.S. manufacturers who are informed, engaged, and shaping the debate rather than merely reacting to it.

We invite you to hear directly from the manufacturers who have already joined NCTO and benefited from our work. Together, a unified U.S. textile industry can be a powerful force in Washington to enhance the employment, production, and overall critical contribution that our industry makes to the national economy.

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