Pulcra Chemicals LLC

474 Bryant Boulevard
Rock Hill, South Carolina 29732
(803) 325-8500

NCTO Council: Industry Support

Pulcra Chemicals is a worldwide operating company with unique process and engineering knowledge and capability and more than 135 years experience in supplying innovative specialty chemicals to the fiber, textile and leather industries. Our commitment is to our customer’s success, which we support with product development, regulatory compliance, and sustainability.

Our success has grown through our knowledge of our target market’s needs. Based on more than 135 years of partnering with fiber, textile and leather producers and working with many other specialized areas, we have focused on our customer’s health, safety, sustainability, and regulatory requirements. In the area of performance products we have experienced true innovation and look forward to changing the way the general public views what has traditionally been textile products. Additionally performance products at Pulcra have expanded into new markets and end-uses.

Within the fiber and textile segments, Pulcra Chemicals offers products and technical support covering all stages of the textile production chain. Our portfolio ranges from process auxiliaries for the manufacturing of man-made fibers, across secondary spinning, weaving, pretreatment, dyeing and printing, to finishes defining the final quality of fabrics and garments.

We supply the leather sector with a complete range of specialties designed to ensure that the material can be processed, dyed, and efficiently upgraded to the highest quality standards applicable to leather goods. In all cases, we are able to deliver technologically proven solutions aligned to the specific requirements of our various customers.