Meridian Specialty Yarn Group

312 Colombo Street SW
Valdese, North Carolina 28690
(828) 874-2151

NCTO Council: Yarn

Imagine if just one yarn mill could fulfill all of your novelty spinning and dyeing requirements –and not only that – could do it on American soil. With a skill set so diverse, and a steadfast commitment to American-made yarns, Meridian Specialty Yarn Group (MSYG) does exactly that.

Specializing in novelty yarn manufacturing and yarn dyeing, we are the only yarn producer in the United States with both wet processing and true novelty spinning and twisting capabilities. Working with virtually every textile substrate – both natural and synthetic – we diligently serve distinct textile markets, including home furnishings and upholstery; apparel and hosiery; automotive and industrial; craft yarn and sewing thread; and military. Our yarns can be found in countless products, from sofas to window coverings, sweaters to socks, buffing pads to automotive interiors and much more.

Sharing a single-minded commitment to quality, consistency and extraordinary service, our two plants based in North Carolina are specialized with the most advanced dyeing and spinning technologies. And we are pleased to offer unique products and services not found anywhere else. For example, we’re the only American yarn mill producing space dyed textured polyester and top-dye wool yarn. We’re also one of the few mills that still offer yarn twisting and are unrivaled in our novelty yarn spinning capabilities.

Upheld by a long history of yarn manufacturing and processing dating back to the early 20th century, we treat our customers to incomparable design creativity and product variety. Maintaining a strong domestic presence throughout the ups and downs of the textile business, we continue integrating unique technologies to keep valued textile services alive. Spurred by constant growth and evolution, MSYG uses its collective textiles knowledge and experience to fulfill new market niches while effectively responding with up-to-the-minute product ideas to meet demands of an industry that never sits still.