Fulflex, A Garflex Inc. Company

32 Justin Holden Drive
Brattleboro, VT 05301
NCTO Council: Industry Support

Fulflex is the world’s leading manufacturer of thin-gauge calendered and extruded elastic products. The company utilises natural and synthetic polymers to produce the finest custom-manufactured elastic tapes, and threads which are used in a variety of apparel – swimwear, underwear, sportswear; and children’s wear and in disposable diapers; healthcare products; fitted bedsheets; luggage sets; vacuum cleaner bags and golf balls. Fulflex also provides the graphic arts industry with compounds which can be moulded, hand or laser-engraved.

The worldwide leadership of Fulflex grew out of a strong commitment to research and development. The company provides its customers with specialist engineering and sales people capable of analysing difficult production problems. Additionally, Fulflex technical expertise extends to product packaging and one of the company’s specialties is to engineer and develop packaging systems, which ensures that the products therein arrive tangle-free and ready to use, thus eliminating production down-time.

Fulflex elastic tapes, and threads helps improve the user experience, optimizing comfort, fit and performance of your solutions. Many of the world’s leading brand names rely on Fulflex to provide the “suppleness, strength, stretch, comfort, and fit in the diverse range of products where Fulflex elastic is used.

Fulflex elastic tapes, and threads have been developed to provide a long and useful life that normally outlasts the life of the garment. Our dependability, capability and versatility in formulating natural and synthetic elastomers is known throughout the world.

Fulflex factories and warehouses are located throughout Europe, North America and the Asian Pacific Region in order to respond rapidly to customers’ needs. Natural and synthetic polymers are available in many gauges, colours, finishes, sizes and various physical properties.

Fulflex’s advanced production methods, stringent certified quality control and superior service have made it the company of choice for customers who demand quality products, efficient service and on time delivery.