Fiber Industries LLC

1000 East McIver Road
Darlington, South Carolina 29532
(843) 591-1555

NCTO Council: Fiber

Fiber Industries LLC seeks to be a leading manufacturer of high-quality polyester staple fiber. Situated in the former Palmetto plant, the facility has capabilities to produce polyester products that customers have come to expect, while also being outfitted for future growth.

After successfully operating for over 30 years, the plant is geared for a strong comeback based on improved market conditions, competitively priced feedstock, higher cost of imported polyester fiber, growing U.S. end-market demand, and a resurgence of “Made in America”.

Fiber Industries LLC has a customer-oriented philosophy with a commitment to quality, safety and environmental stewardship as well as a strong partnership with its greater community, all of which will help differentiate the company and drive its success.