4M Carbon Fiber Corp.

835 Innovation Drive
Suite 200
Knoxville, Tennessee 37932
(865) 444-6789

NCTO Council: Fabric

4M’s mission is to fundamentally change the carbon fiber market

4M Carbon Fiber was created in 2015 by 4XTechnologies to commercialize the plasma oxidation technology into the carbon fiber industry. 4M saw an opportunity to modernize the fiber oxidation process, a time- and energy-hungry process that had remained stagnant since the 1960s. The result: a radical new process that improves upon the traditional method in every metric. And, a fiber of unmatched quality, now challenging the outdated price-to-performance paradigm. 4M continues to develop completely new ways of converting a variety of precursors into oxidized fiber and carbon fiber. It is 4M’s vision to revolutionize the industrial carbon fiber market with strong tailwinds by modernizing the manufacturing process to produce high-quality, low-cost, high-volume materials to meet projected industry growth. Through the introduction of new manufacturing technologies, worldwide open standardization, and new product formats that enable rapid part fabrication, 4M will foster an industry where price reductions and throughput increases spark exponential growth in demand and the discovery of new high volume applications. This is just the beginning.. Automotive, wind energy, infrastructure, and aerospace are already leveraging the benefits of carbon fiber, but with this resource now available to other sectors, where else could it take us?